Stuff I’ve Done


SpaceGAMBIT – An open-source space program. Received 500,000 USD from DARPA, partnered with NASA, and wrote a white paper for the White House.

Q-Space – A hackerspace focusing on LGBT/feminist inclusivity. I help out with their tech stuff when I’m about.

Sci-fi Reading Club – We meet every week to discuss the book we’ve been reading, and then go out a couple of days later to paint the town red!

Various other hackerspaces and Fab Labs – I get around rather a lot.

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Tangleball – Auckland, New Zealand

I visited Tangleball in Auckland a few weeks ago. Met a bunch of cool people, chatted about our Open Source Village project, saw a guy building his own collapsible boat and met a woman who mods scooters. Unfortunately it was around a national holiday, so most folks were with family or on the beach and not getting their hands dirty and making stuff.

Building a Wikihouse…

…Or at least a scale model of one

For our Open Source Village project I’m looking into all kinds of open source architecture, and Wikihouse has jumped out at me as having a vibrant community and actually being used in the real world.

A few months ago I was in Edinburgh, randomly googled Wikihouse Edinburgh and saw there was one around Fountainbridge. So I got in touch with the architect, learnt more about the project, fiddled around with her scale model, and recently cut and assembled the first frame of my own 1:10 scale model. Continue reading Building a Wikihouse…

Planet Lamp

You know how you get exhausted easily when you travel? Sure, part of that is walking around, lugging a backpack, and Instagramming with your selfie stick, but another big part is the mental overhead of being somewhere new and not being able to switch on your autopilot. After three years on the road, that sort of just became my life. So when I settled down for a while and could autopilot my way around, I had a lot of extra braincycles to play with.

I still don’t know why, but that’s led to me taking more interest in the arts, and starting to make art of my own. My first project is my (still unfinished) Planet Lamp that I’ve been working on for a couple of months now.

If you want to build your own, you can find the files on Github. This is my first arty thing and I’d rather share it than keep it locked away. Feel free to copy, share, remix, whatever you want! Continue reading Planet Lamp

Xi’an, China

I’m having a wonderful time in Xi’an [pronounced shee-an], the ancient capital of China. Major thanks and gratitude to Eurasia University for hosting me. Looking forward to working with them on exciting upcoming projects, and talking to their students about making!

Telescopes at the night market

Really didn’t expect to see these. Not for sale, but you can pay a small fee to stargaze. We’ll have to get some Ultrascopes over!

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Factory Tours @ Hacker Camp 2016

I had a great time at Hacker Camp over the past week, meeting hackers and makers coming to Shenzhen from around the world. A huge thanks to the folks at Dangerous Prototypes for making it all happen!

One of the great things about touring factories in China is how open they are about letting you take photos (something you wouldn’t get in the west). Since they’re so happy to share with me, I figure the least I can do is to share with everyone else.

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Factory

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Imperfect Analogies: Capacitors

If you’re building a circuit, you need some form of power, usually a battery. Think of a battery like your normal everyday food. The stuff you’d normally eat throughout the day.

A capacitor is more like an energy drink. If a part in your circuit needs a sudden burst of energy (like a motor that needs to suddenly move), you can use a capacitor in the circuit so it can get that energy when it needs it. Just like you’d drink an energy drink when you need a sudden burst of energy.

To help you remember, capacitors can even LOOK like little cans of energy drink!