Xi’an, China

I’m having a wonderful time in Xi’an [pronounced shee-an], the ancient capital of China. Major thanks and gratitude to Eurasia University for hosting me. Looking forward to working with them on exciting upcoming projects, and talking to their students about making!

Telescopes at the night market

Really didn’t expect to see these. Not for sale, but you can pay a small fee to stargaze. We’ll have to get some Ultrascopes over!

Food Street, glorious Food Street – Huimin Jie

Huimin means “Hui [pronounced hway] minority,” an ethnically Chinese Muslim minority who are mostly in the North-West of China. Jie just means “street.” There are also plenty of Uighers [pronounced weegers, another minority] here from Xinjiang Province, selling all kinds of mutton dishes.

Terra Cotta Warriors

You can’t do Xi’an without visiting the famous Terra Cotta Warriors. Seriously impressive, and they’re still digging them out to this day.