Xi’an, China

I’m having a wonderful time in Xi’an [pronounced shee-an], the ancient capital of China. Major thanks and gratitude to Eurasia University for hosting me. Looking forward to working with them on exciting upcoming projects, and talking to their students about making!

Telescopes at the night market

Really didn’t expect to see these. Not for sale, but you can pay a small fee to stargaze. We’ll have to get some Ultrascopes over!

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7 Things I Learnt in Sweden

So, we were recently in Sweden for a wedding between two good friends. While I visited once before, in November 2012, this time round I stayed a lot longer and learnt a lot more. Here’s what I picked up:

1. Swedish Guys (and everyone else) love to hug

When I was a kid, growing up in the middle of nowhere in the UK, my impression of Scandinavians (if I had one at all) was of big bearded warriors with bushy beards and horns on their hats. Turns out there’s a bromantic element too (or at least what many Brits would see as one). At the wedding (and everywhere else) guys were bearhugging guys. It’s kinda weird to be bearhugged by every man including the groom’s 90-year-old grandfather, but I think this is one tradition it’d be good to spread around the world. So if you ever see me in a “free hugs” T-shirt, you’ll know why.

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